Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Cup of Love Special Edition

I asked my friend to comment about my series.
He told me that it somehow lacks a few emotions here and there, especially on Chelsa's part.

For others who don't know yet, I've been writing this mini-series for a while. And I'm writing it in little pieces of hearts and post it in the glass windows of a cafe in Vega named Ristretto.

That's why I'm limited to a few set of words per episode.

Because of this comment (and the feeling of being limited in a piece of heart), I'm thinking of expanding each episode.
I'll add some new pieces of story to each episode making it a little bit colorful...

What do you think?

Please wait for Episode 8, I'm still in the process of encoding it. :D

*Note #2*
If I will go full-blast about this, I'm thinking of making a small book about it... and all other episodes written here after Episode 8 will be a trailer episode so as not to have spoilers.

*Note #3*
I am thinking also of making a small movie about it. I'm now actually writing a small script and cast description. If you want to take part, just email me or comment here.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

SLW Mini-Story Series: Cup of Love (2:7)

Week 2: Episode 7: Happy Fudge II

Entry date: Febuary 1, 2008, Friday

"Kuya, itry niyo yung bago namin... Happy fudge"

Happy fudge... Tinanong ko kung bakit happy fudge ang name... Sabi nina ate ay may nagsuggest ng name daw kahapon after eating it... Pampasaya daw kadi. Hence, happy fudge...

Sa totoo lang... Tama nga siya... Kung sino man ang nagsuggest ng name na yun... "it brighten up my day" ika nga... Sobrang sarap...

"Kuya! Feb na! May date ka na ba?" biglang tanong nina ate...

Oo nga no? Feb na... It's been a very long time since nung last "date" ko...

Would I ask Chelsa out this Feb?

Siguro... Kung wala man siyang gagawin sa 14... Or date... I will ask her out..l and then ibibili ko siya nitong Happy Fudge... Para masaya!

-Mark's blog

Monday, February 04, 2008

"Tamang Trip": The First Mission

I was diving (again as always) inside the Internet when I came across bons and ja's multiply page and their post entitled: "This is sooo much FUN! Magawa nga sa MRT. =)".

I read it and watched the video attached with it and was inspired to also put up a team of agents here in the Philippines and do a mission just like that...

if you want to see the video that I'm talking about...

It's about the Frozen Grand Central mission of the Improv Everywhere agents...

Then I found out that Improv Everywhere has a "global" site... so

If you want to join us here... sign up at
then if you are near LB, Laguna... sign up at our local group

and if you are near manila... you can sign up at

We like to have as many agents as possible so we can have some clean fun and entertain many :D

do hope to meet with you guys when we come up with our first mission :D

SLW Mini-Story Series: Cup of Love (1:6)

Week 2: Episode 6: Happy Fudge I

Entry date: January 31, 2008, Thur

The day started bad for me...

First, I didn't get an invite to meet Christine of HappySlip next thursday. Then, I have to attend meeting after meeting after meeting... Then, my special problem or SP is not yet finished... Sigh... Too much stress...

So I decided to go back and visit this café to relieve my stress. Dito ko nakilala yung may-ari nung place, si kuya Jaz. He suggested to try his new creation.

Masarap... Mainit yung chocolate sa loob ng fudge... I asked kung anong pangalan nung fudge, sabi niya wala pa..

Sabi ko, "Happy fudge" na lang... Because napasaya ako after kong kainin...


-Chelsa's blog

Friday, February 01, 2008

SLW Mini-Story Series: Cup of Love (1:5)

Week 1

Episode 5: Trying to Remember

Entry date: January 30, 2008, Wed

I only have a few minutes to write, I need to be at the town mall by 630pm. Anyway, natanong ko na din kahapon si Lisa about kay Chelsa... At ang ngiti.. Panalo talaga si Lisa, ang dami agad nasabi...

"Nililigawan mo ba?"

Ang ganda ng tanong e... Siyempre... Hindi pa... Gusto ko muna may background akong alam bago pumorma diba? Good thing payag si Lisa na tumulong...

Hmmmm... Come to think of it... Parang nakita ko na si Chelsa before... Parang nakilala or nakita ko na siya somewhere... Di ko lang matandaan...

Whooops!! 630 na!! Tapusin ko na itong hot cocoa ko...

-Mark's Journal

Thursday, January 31, 2008

SLW Mini-Story Series: Cup of Love (1:4)

Week 1: Episode 4: The Surprise Question

Entry date: January 29, 2008, Tue

We met again ni Lisa kanina sa café for our lunch. Tulad ng dati I ordered my favorite cheezy pasta and hot cocoa. Tulad ng dati kwentuhan parin kami... From subjects, to teachers, to TV shows, to telenovelas, to people, to friends, to food... Any topic under the sun...

Then she asked me a question na hindi pa nya tinatanong before...

"Ano ba gusto mo sa isang lalaki?"

Napatigil ako sa tanong niya. I asked why. She said "Wala lang" and then changed the topic...

Bakit kaya niya yun natanong?

-Chelsa's Blog

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

SLW Mini-Story Series: Cup of Love (1:3)


Ngayon pa lang pala ipopost nina ate sa Ristretto yung Episodes 3 and 4... Later, I'll write Episode 5...

Week 1: Episode 3: Boy meets Girl

Entry date: January 28, 2008, Mon

I visited again the café... It seems wala pa yung girl from last week nung pagdating ko nun... So umorder ako muna ng Trail mix mocha at tsaka chicken sandwich. After a few minutes, dumating din siya with another girl.. Nung nakita ko yung kasama niya.. Si Lisa pala!

Small world nga naman ika nga nila, the person na magiging daan para makilala ko yung girl ay kaibigan ko at kaibigan din niya!

Now I know na ang pangalan niya ay Chelsa...

Before I left for my next class, nagkaroon ng konting kwentuhan...

Small world talaga...

Hmmmm... Gusto ko pang makilala siya... Matanong nga si Lisa bukas... No?

- Mark's Journal

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

SLW Mini-Story Series: Cup of Love (1:2)


The stories are also posted at the glass windows of Ristretto Cafe. I think they have posted Episode 3 today. I'll be there later to write Episode 4.

Week 1:Episode 2: Cheezy Trail

Entry date: January 25, 2008, Fri

"Isang Cheezy pasta and hot cocoa"

Yun ang aking order kanina sa café. It was my 2nd time here actually at naging paborito ko agad ang cheezy pasta nila. Parang tulad ng luto ni mama...

Namiss ko tuloy si mama...

Oh well... Paguwi ako bukas ay sasabihin ko ito sa kanya at idadala ko sila dito ni papa pagdumalaw sila dito sa LB. Pero bago yun, may meeting pa mamaya so dito muna ako...

Hmmm... Share ko lang, yung guy na-umorder kanina after me ay cheezy pasta din ang binili... Paborito niya rin kaya yun?... Oh well...

- Chelsa's blog

SLW Mini-Story Series: Cup of Love (1:1)


I started this mini-story series last January 24, 2008. I was inspired by the "heart" filled glass window of the Ristretto Cafe and thought of "contributing" something like a series. So I came up with a mini-story and each episode corresponds to the date it was written. Here is the first episode of the mini-story series. Enjoy...

(Yeah I know the title is mushy...)

Week 1: Episode 1: First Time

Entry date: January 24, 2008, Thur

And then I saw HER...

It was my first time here at this café.

I think it was Kei who suggested that we eat here, so punta naman kami kasama sina Joshua at Dana. We picked the couch near the glass window and ordered our lunch. Habang kami ay masayang kumakain at nagkwekwentuhan, may isang babae ang pumasok...

And then I saw her...

I can't find the right words right now to describe her beauty... But what stuck in my mind was her smile... Her simplicity...

Pero quarter to one na nun, kelangan ng pumasok ulit... So bago umalis, tumingin ulit ako for the last time sa kanyang kagandahan at nasabi...

"Oh well... Hanggang tingin na lang ba?"

- Mark's Journal